Last updated February 19 2022

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Aircraft Cut-Aways

The cut-away postcards are in a sence informative as you get an idea how the interior coniguration of the aircrafts look like. There are not that many postcards around. If I see one Itry to buy it.

Number of postcards: 7



If you want to use a postcard or other image in any way, I do want that you contact me.
If you for some reason "forget" to do so I expect that you on social medias, own web sites or in any kind of publication, clearly states where you found the picture, for example
Thank You!

Vill du använda ett vykort eller bild på något sätt så vill jag att du kontaktar mig.
Om du av någon anledning "glömmer" detta så förväntar jag mig att du på sociala medier, egna websidor eller i publikationer av olika slag, tydligt anger varifrån du tagit bilden, exempelvis

Avro Aircraft Cut-Aways
Avro York
BOAC YORK Speedbird
Airline issued postcard
Boeing Aircraft Cut-Aways
Boeing 247s
United Air Lines
"3 mile-a-minute" Boeing
Airline issued postcard
Douglas Aircraft Cut-Aways
Douglas DC-4s/North Stars/Argonauts
TCA North Star
Airline issued postcard
Douglas DC-6s
United's Mainliner
Airline issued postcard
Lockheed Aircraft Cut-Aways
BOAC Constellation Speedbird
Airline issued postcard
TCA Constellation
Airline issued postcard
Short Aircraft Cut-Aways
Empire type
Imperial Airways Short Empire
Airline issued postcard